Message from the President of the Commission

Dear cybernauts,


The UEMOA Commission welcomes you to your website. It has been modernized to make it warmer and user-friendly, in order to serve you better.

The site thus aims to allow any web user to be informed about the actions of the Bodies of the Union in support of the integration process in our sub-region: information, news, agenda... It is all designed for your comfort and your satisfaction.

The new site contains many new features and offers visitors a simplified browsing and interactive use through social networks. It is also possible to access the portal from search engines.

The IZF site "Investing in the Franc Zone" ( and those of other partner institutions make our achievements and projects more visible.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing your website and that you will visit it regularly to keep yourself informed of the integration process within the Union.


I wish you an enjoyable browsing!


President of the Commission.

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