The Amended Treaty

The goals of WAEMU/UEMOA are:

  • To strengthen the economic and financial competitiveness of the Member States in an open and competitive market environment and within a streamlined and harmonized legal context 
  • To secure convergence in the economic performances and policies of Member States by instituting multilateral monitoring procedures
  • To create a common market among the Member States, based on the free movement of persons, goods, services, and capital, the right of establishment of self-employed or salaried persons, as well as a common external tariff and common market policy
  • To institute the coordination of national sector-based policies by implementing joint actions and eventually administering joint policies, particularly on: human resources, territorial administration, agriculture, energy, industry, mines, transport, infrastructure and telecommunications
  • To harmonize, to the extent necessary, all actions taken to ensure the smooth running of the common market, the legislative systems of member states, and particularly the taxation system.


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